Pollution control upgrade of a hazardous waste incinerator to comply with regulatory requirements

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Virginia Tech

Radford Army Ammunition Plant (RAAP) is an industrial manufacturing facility which produces propellants used in conventional munitions. Two rotary kiln incinerators are used to destroy waste propellant generated during the manufacturing process. These two units are the only hazardous waste incinerators owned by the Army for the destruction of waste propellant. They are also two of the four hazardous waste incinerators in Virginia seeking a hazardous waste treatment permit.

During the late 1980's RAAP's two identical incinerators experienced difficulty passing the trial burn required to obtain a Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) hazardous waste incinerator permit. Stack testing revealed that the incinerators operated in excess of lead and particulate emission standards. Lead is an air pollutant associated with a wide range of health effects.

This work explores the Air Pollution Control System (APCS) upgrade necessary to abate the emission of these pollutants and ensure compliance with the RCRA regulations.