Increasing capacity by the use of optimal runway exits, automated landing, roll out and turnoff in an airport environment

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Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

This study outlines the development and use of several techniques providing an automated landing, roll out and turnoff of an aircraft, in an airport environment. A maximum runway occupancy time and a certain level of reliability are achieved by the use of a computer software called the Probabilistic Computer Model of Optimal Runway Turnoffs.

A bunching of eight optimal high speed exits, representing four TERPS categories, is performed on a single runway. Feasibility of the system is determined by the use of Inertial Navigation and other aids such as the Microwave Landing System, Filtering Devices, Electronic Cockpit Airfield Display Formats, Real Time Flight Simulation and Field Testing, and a Braking Guidance Policy. It is suggested that future testing and a review of the Model be done.