Two intimations of being

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Virginia Tech

This thesis is an investigation and an attempt at understanding the connection between the act of building and the act of being. Buildings are developed in the realm of ideas and images. This thesis speaks of a construct wherein the buildings act as a medium by which a dialogue takes place: a discussion of the ideas and conditions of their being.

The project, which consists of two buildings, a house and a gallery for an artist, acts as the vehicle of investigation and finds its order through the basic diagram of a line and a curve. The project defines the juxtaposition of the static rigid line and the dynamic moving curve with respect to contextual sensibilities and a metaphorical dimension. The use of metaphor employs an experiential anchor in form of the human dimension. The house, a state of being, is a beginning in creativity. It is a place where water and fire meet. The gallery is a path of spatial perception and procession. It is filled with elements of movement and the metaphor of birth.

This thesis is a search for an architecture that is inseparably universal and inherently specific.

dialogue, buildings, ideas