2 Questions: what becomes architecture

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Virginia Tech

For several years, certain personal efforts relied heavily upon an essential belief in Lou Kahn's masterful answer to a student's question, because Architecture is. Kahn's spiritual awareness brought about a poetic significance to the studying, learning, and actualizing of our environmental efforts. Through his profoundly simple answer of architecture's essential existence, Kahn suggested that our works could never reach this state of being (even reason being unable to reach to far), leaving us only the ability to aspire towards it- with works ever to it, never with works of it. In the despair of our Modern response we set to achieve an end worth of its recognition which simply fails to acknowledge that the question was one of why, not one of what.

His answer, and its suppressive conditions of existence, is no longer solely acceptable to a student's question. To my Master I say, reconception is necessary; the answer requires a more dynamic essence. As it is with the nature and dynamic flow of all 10,000 things- one can never exist, though one is always existing; one can never live , though one is always living, and in our cultural and social attempts to assimilate and accommodate our environment- our attempts will never be, only ever becoming. In other words, Mr. Kahn, I would like to supplicate and supplement, because Architecture becomes.