A pulsed ion source for a 250 Key Cockcroft-Walton accelerator

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Virginia Polytechnic Institute

A Moak type radio frequency ion source, capable of producing a pulsed beam of deuterons has been built for use with a Cockcroft-Walton accelerator.

Pulsed deuterons striking a deuteron target produce neutrons in bursts thus allowing dynamic measurements of moderator and reactor core properties. Beam pulsing is accomplished by means of an einzel lens and an alternating potential applied to a pair of deflection plates.

Proteins have been used exclusively in adjusting the source for optimum results since the radiation background due to the protons is much less than that due to deuterons. In actual experiments, however, when using deuterons, no modifications need to be made in the source.

Beam currents have been measured at the source and at a target located at the end of the accelerator tube. Maximum currents measured are 150 microamperes and 60 microamperes respectively.

Details of construction, maximum operating conditions, and oscillogram sof purse shapes are included in this report.