Implementation of Augmented Reality in Landscape Architectural Education: Enhancing Understanding of Three-Dimensional Space

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While there is a growing interest in the application of immersive visualization technology in design work, much less is known about its role in design education. This study explores how augmented reality (AR) serves as an effective tool for understanding students' design work within three-dimensional space. In a landscape design studio course, students were tasked with producing 3D models for their site designs as a part of the design studio outcome. These 3D models were projected onto the actual sites using an AR device, `followed by semi-structured interviews. The results of this study indicated that AR can contribute to the understanding of design proposals by improving spatial awareness and relationships within urban environments. Additionally, also envisioned that AR could be an effective communication tool for conveying their design ideas and concepts.



Mixed reality, Virtual reality, 3D model, Urban design, Immersive visualization technology