A House For A River Rat

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Virginia Tech

This is a house situated by a river. It is a retreat, or a cabin, and is not occupied on a full time basis. Its form is an interpretation of a cube, and retains its general appearance. It is lifted off the ground to prevent damage when the river floods, and has a deep foundation to achieve stability on the loose floodplain soil. It has three levels, the first containing the main living areas, the second, a lofted space containing the bed and bath, and the third, a roof terrace. It is for two people, and so has a small footprint of about thirty two feet square. The footprint is subdivided into nine squares, with a fireplace and chimney occupying the center and habitable spaces surrounding the periphery. Its foundation is of a concrete two way flat slab supported by concrete caissons, its walls are of reinforced concrete masonry units, and its floors and ceilings are of small timber frame construction.

House, Cube, River, Fire