A Behavioral Evaluation of the Transition to Electronic Prescribing in a Hospital Setting

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Virginia Tech

The impact of Computerized Physician Order Entry (CPOE) on the dependent variables of medication-order compliance and time to first dose of antibiotic was investigated in this quasi-experimental study of a naturally-occurring CPOE intervention. The impact of CPOE on compliance and time to first dose was assessed by comparing measures of these variables from the intervention site and a non-equivalent control before and during intervention phases. Medication orders placed using CPOE were significantly more compliant than paper-based medication orders (p<.001), and first doses of antibiotic ordered using CPOE were delivered significantly faster than antibiotic orders placed using the paper-based system (p<.001). Findings support previous research indicating the positive impact of CPOE on patient safety as well as justify and enable future interventions to increase CPOE adoption and use among physicians. Additionally, data collected in this study will be used to provide behavior-based feedback to physicians as part of CPOE adoption and use intervention strategies to be explored in the forthcoming research.

medication error, CPOE, behavioral interventions in hospitals, medical error, patient safety