Splash-2 shared-memory architecture for supporting high level language compilers

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Virginia Tech

Modem computer technology has been evolving for nearly fifty years, and has seen many architectural innovations along the way. One of the latest technologies to come about is the reconfigurable processor-based custom computing machine (CCM). CCMs use field programmable gate arrays (FPGAs) as their processing cores, giving them the flexibility of software systems with performance comparable to that of dedicated custom hardware. Hardware description languages are currently used to program CCMs. However, research is being performed to investigate the use of high-level languages (HLLs), such as the C programming language, to create CCM programs. Many aspects of CCM architectures, such as local memory systems, are not conducive to HLL compiler usage. This thesis proposes and evaluates the use of a shared-memory architecture on a Splash-2 CCM to promote the development and usage of HLL compilers for CCM systems.

custom computing machine, CCM