Vibration and Flexural Strength Characteristics of Composite Castellated Beams

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Virginia Tech

With the development of lightweight concrete and design optimizations, floor vibration problems are becoming a serious serviceability problem. The castellated beam is a prime example and was the focus of this study. The vibration and flexural strength performance were verified in this paper.

The vibration characteristics of castellated beams were examined using experimental and analytical test methods. The effective moment of inertia is essential to accurately predict the frequency and deflection of a floor system due to human occupancy. Since castellated beams have non-prismatic cross-sections, their effective moment of inertia is an uncertainty and was verified in this study. This paper confirmed the accuracy of the AISC Design Guide procedures used in for prismatic beam, when applied to castellated beams.

The flexural strength of various composite castellated beam were studied. Three full-scale specimens were tested to failure to evaluate their yield and maximum applied load. Each specimen's moment strength was verified based on span, beam properties, concrete slab, and amount of shear connection.

Castellated, Beam, Vibration