Pneumatically Balanced Heavy Truck Air Suspensions for Improved Roll Stability

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SAE International


This study provides a simulation evaluation of the effect of maintaining balanced airflow, both statically and dynamically, in heavy truck air suspensions on vehicle roll stability. The model includes a multi-domain evaluation of the truck multi-body dynamics combined with detailed pneumatic dynamics of drive-axle air suspensions. The analysis is performed based on a detailed model of the suspension's pneumatics, from the main reservoir to the airsprings, of a new generation of air suspensions with two leveling valves and air hoses and fittings that are intended to increase the dynamic bandwidth of the pneumatic suspensions. The suspension pneumatics are designed such that they are able to better respond to body motion in real time. Specifically, this study aims to better understand the airflow dynamics and how they couple with the vehicle dynamics. The pneumatic model is coupled with a roll-plane model of the truck to evaluate the effect of the suspension pneumatic dynamics on the body roll, as well as the force transmission to the sprung mass. The results of the study show that maintaining a balanced airflow through the suspension improves the dynamic responsiveness of the suspension to steering, causing less body roll.