Bio-Inspired Segmented Self-Centering Rocking Frame

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Virginia Tech

This paper investigates the development, design and modeling of a human spine-inspired seismic lateral force resisting system. The overall goal is to create a design for a lateral force resisting system that reflects human spine behavior that is both practical and effective. The first phase of this project involved a literature review of the human spine and rocking structural systems. The goal of this phase was to identify concepts from the spine that could be transferred to a lateral force resisting system. The second phase involved creating a 3-dimensional model of the lumbar region of the spine in SAP2000 and using it to examine concepts that could be transferred to a lateral force resisting system. The third phase consisted of creating possible system designs using concepts and principles identified through phases one and two and identifying a final system design. The last phase involved modeling the final lateral force resisting system design in SAP2000, validating the model and testing the design's effectiveness. This paper shows that this system is a viable option to prevent permanent structural damage in buildings during a seismic event.

Self-centering rocking frame, lateral force resisting system