Rate of xanthation of soda-cellulose: an investigation of the rate of xanthation of the soluble cellulose xanthate

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Virginia Agricultural and Mechanical College and Polytechnic Institute

For the past several years an investigation has been carried out,under the supervision of Dr. P. C. Scherer, of the physical, or chemical reactions which occur in the xanthation of soda-cellulose. A study has been made of the rate of xanthation of the soda-cellulose under various conditions.

Following up the previous work, the present investigation was to determine the rate of xanthation of the soluble cellulose xanthate, using a sodium hydroxide solution as a solvent. By this study it was hoped that further information could be obtained concerning the reaction which occurs when soda-cellulose is treated with carbon disulfide.

It is concluded from the results of this investigation that a definite carbon disulfide-cellulose ratio is reached before cellulose xanthate will assume properties which will render it soluble in a solvent such as a sodium hydroxide solution.

Also, that this carbon disulfide-cellulose ratio will remain constant throughout further xanthation.