A study of two- and three- dimensional turbulent boundary layer data sets using momentum integral techniques

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Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

An examination of selected two- and three-dimensional turbulent boundary layer data sets was made to determine the consistency of these data sets with their appropriate momentum integral equations. Several turbulent boundary layer experiments were reviewed to determined which of these provided adequate data so that they could be examined using this method. The selected data sets were used to numerically integrate and compare the two sides of the appropriate momentum integral equations in an extension of the Coles' momentum integral (PL-PR) method originally derived for two-dimensional flow.

The effects of small three-dimensionality in a nominally two-dimensional flow were also studied. Three-dimensionality due to converging or diverging collateral flow and converging or diverging skewed flow about a plane of symmetry was investigated.

The momentum integral examination of two-dimensional and quasi two-dimensional data sets was verified to be a useful and convenient means of data set validation. Very small amounts of three dimensionality in a nominally two-dimensional flow could have large effects on and adversely affect the outcome of a momentum integral validation of the data set. Three-dimensionality of the order of magnitude of experimental uncertainty, in the form of collateral or skewed convergence/divergence of the flow at a plane of symmetry, was shown to have large adverse effects on the momentum integral validation. Investigations of arbitrary.three-dimensional flows were generally found to lack sufficient data to perform an accurate validation using this PL-PR technique extended to such flows.