Adaptive Control of a Step-Up Full-Bridge DC-DC Converter for Variable Low Input Voltage Applications

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Virginia Tech

This thesis shows the implementation of a novel control scheme DC-DC converter. The converter is a phase-shifted full-bridge PWM converter that is designed to operate as a front stage of a power conversion system where the input is a variable low voltage high current source. The converter is designed to step-up the low voltage input to an acceptable level that can be inverted to a 120/240 VAC 60Hz voltage for residential power. A DSP based adaptive control model is developed, taking into account line variations introduced by the input source while providing very good load dynamics for the converter in both discontinuous and continuous conduction modes. The adaptive controller is implemented using two voltage sensors that read the input and the output voltages of the converter. The controller's bandwidth is comparable to current mode control, without the need for an expensive current sensor, yet providing the noise immunity seen in voltage mode controllers. The intended input source was a fuel cell but in its absence a DC supply is utilized instead. The system is simulated for both discontinuous and continuous conduction modes and implemented and demonstrated for the continuous conduction mode. The test results are shown to match the simulation results very closely.

phase shift modulation, adaptive control, converter, full bridge