Development of performance sections for cold-formed steel residential construction

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Virginia Tech

The wider use of cold-formed steel framing is hindered by the lack of generic sections. This study puts forth an effort to develop a performance section designation code without specifying the geometry of the sections. A PC-based program to analyze C-section was developed and used to produce typical Performance Section Tables for both wall studs and joists.

For curtain walls the Uniform Lateral Load Capacity Tables and for bearing walls the Axial Load with Specified Lateral Load Tables, the Strong Axis Axial Load Capacity Charts, and the Weak Axis and Torsional Axial Load Capacity Charts were developed. The typical design aids for roof/floor joists include the Uniform Load Capacity Tables for single and two continuous spans, the Moment-Shear Interaction Capacity Charts, and the Web Crippling Capacity Tables. Design examples are provided to illustrate the usage of the above tables and charts.