The utilization of textile crafts in recreation programs of adult day care centers

dc.contributor.authorRay, Patricia Annen
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dc.description.abstractThe purpose of this study was to investigate the existence of recreation programs in adult day care centers, the utilization of textile crafts in them, and the types of textile crafts used. Systematically selected, the sample was taken from the Health Care Financing Administration's Directory of Adult Day Care Centers. A questionnaire developed for this study, and an explanatory cover letter were mailed to 203 directors nationwide. A 51 percent response rate resulted in 103 useable returns. Recreation was included in 100 of the 103 adult day care centers. The respondents indicated that clients who attended adult day care generally participated in recreation. Textile crafts were part of 97 recreation programs, and activities were directed by trained recreation staff members knowledgeable about textile crafts. Crafts made available to clients were those the staff were capable of teaching. Sewing, crocheting, and weaving were ranked by respondents as easiest for clients, and needlepoint, embroidery, and macrame’ were ranked as difficult. Although the value and benefit of textile crafts to clients was not investigated, the fact that facilities include textile crafts within their programs suggests that crafts play an important part in filling the needs of at least some of the elderly.en
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dc.titleThe utilization of textile crafts in recreation programs of adult day care centersen
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