Feeder Performance Analysis with Distributed Algorithm


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Virginia Tech


How to evaluate the performance of an electric power distribution system unambiguously and quantitatively is not easy. How to accurately measure the efficiency of it for a whole year, using real time hour-by-hour Locational Marginal Price data, is difficult. How to utilize distributed computing technology to accomplish these tasks with a timely fashion is challenging.

This thesis addresses the issues mentioned above, by investigating feeder performance analysis of electric power distribution systems with distributed algorithm.

Feeder performance analysis computes a modeled circuit's performance over an entire year, listing key circuit performance parameters such as efficiency, loading, losses, cost impact, power factor, three phase imbalance, capacity usage and others, providing detailed operating information for the system, and an overview of the performance of every circuit in the system.

A diakoptics tearing method and Graph Trace Analysis based distributed computing technology is utilized to speed up the calculation. A general distributed computing architecture is established and a distributed computing algorithm is described.

To the best of the author's knowledge, it is the first time that this detailed performance analysis is researched, developed and tested, using a diakoptics based tearing method and Graph Trace Analysis to split the system so that it can be analyzed with distributed computing technology.



Electric Power Distribution System, Locational Marginal Price (LMP), Diakoptics, Distributed Computing, Feeder Performance