Investigation of body assisted reaches and moves

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Virginia Tech

Since time and motion study was developed, the necessity for standard times tor motions has been recognized to be very useful in many industrial applications. Among many attempts to set up predetermined times for manual motions, the Methods Engineering Council has established certain workable standard data known as Methods-Time Measurement which is applicable throughout industry.

With the purpose to appraise the value of this new work-measurement technique of MTM, this study was conducted and it was devoted to investigating their data on the Reach and Move motions involving body rotation movements.

The findings of this investigation do indicate that the MTM method of determining the time of Reach motion has inconsistencies and thus is weak. As a result, a suggested method of measuring the length of motion is made and the time values obtained may serve as a guide for further study on industrial operations by which they can be conclusively verified. Also, it was found that time data can be derived for moves in the area above forty-two inches and that further study should be made to supplement this data for industrial use.