Between Synergy and Synesthesia

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Virginia Tech

We live in a world where most people are inundated with information on a global scale. The world has become smaller and more homogenous, whereas the social composition has become more and more complex, and extremely hierarchical. In such a society, the only way for one to define oneself could be to expand himself/herself beyond all social frames. Through close and dynamic interaction with the outer world, and coexistence with heterogeneous elements around us, we are able to define intrinsic factors within us, within our society. This process challenges openness and full understanding of the world beyond oneself. Only through this process, we might be able to establish a "global culture." Every action we take has some kind of impact on this world. Like the river flows into the bay, it seems that social values on our life and culture are constantly in a state of change. It is very important for me to read this changing flow of social consciousness to understand our world and allow it to inform architecture. Architecture is a great tool for me to expand myself toward society, and people. It allows me to become infinite in a timeless journey in human life searching for the truth.

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