House on the river

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Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

This thesis develops an architectural concept within the framework of urban design and architectural design guidelines. House On The River is one of eight residences to be constructed in a row on a site in a proposed development adjacent to the existing Harbor Town neighborhood located on Mud Island in downtown Memphis, Tennessee. It serves as a prototype for innovative design and interpretation of the design guidelines established for the development of Harbor Town.

It should be mentioned that I have been extensively involved in architectural and urban design and development activities in downtown Memphis for over eight years. Therefore, I have applied the knowledge gained through this involvement to the development of the idea for House On The River.

In particular, my personal involvement in the urban design and planning of both major developments on Mud Island, the RiverSet Luxury Apartments and Harbor Town, provided a strong point of beginning for the urban design plan developed as a part of this thesis as well as the design guidelines utilized herein.

In addition, several years of service as a member of the Center City Design Review Board provided additional insight into the urban characteristics and architecture of Memphis.

By expanding upon existing plans and the built developments and by using existing architectural design guidelines established for the Harbor Town mixed-use neighborhood, an architecture of resistance was created. And, the temptation to develop new guidelines and modify them as convenient to satisfy architectural design needs relative to House On The River was negated.

Throughout the design and development of House On The River, close contact was maintained with the primary developers and architects involved in Harbor Town. Their comments and suggestions were closely studied and analyzed relative to personal experiences and findings associated with this project.

Finally, the construction of House On The River remains a possibility. Therefore, a constant dialog continues to be maintained with the developers of the area in which it is proposed.