Real-Time GPU Scheduling with Preemption Support for Autonomous Mobile Robots

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Virginia Tech

The use of graphical processing units (GPUs) for autonomous robots has grown recently due to their efficiency and suitability for data intensive computation. However, the current embedded GPU platforms may lack sufficient real-time capabilities for safety-critical autonomous systems. The GPU driver provides little to no control over the execution of the computational kernels and does not allow multiple kernels to execute concurrently for integrated GPUs. With the development of modern embedded platforms with integrated GPU, many embedded applications are accelerated using GPU. These applications are very computationally intensive, and they often have different criticality levels. In this thesis, we provide a software-based approach to schedule the real-world robotics application with two different scheduling policies: Fixed Priority FIFO Scheduling and Earliest Deadline First Scheduling. We implement several commonly used applications in autonomous mobile robots, such as Path Planning, Object Detection, and Depth Estimation, and improve the response time of these applications. We test our framework on NVIDIA AGX Xavier, which provides high computing power and supports eight different power modes. We measure the response times of all three applications with and without the scheduler on the NVIDIA AGX Xavier platform on different power modes, to evaluate the effectiveness of the scheduler.

RT-GPU Scheduling, Limited Preemption, Path Planning, Object Detection, Depth Estimation