Additional Molecular Evidence that The Royal Palm is Probably a Turkey Breed

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In earlier investigations, we reported the uniqueness of Royal Palm from other commonly raise heritage turkeys. Here, we provide evidence from screening using primers specific for the Melanocortin 1 (MC1R) Receptor gene (located on turkey chromosome 13, accession number NC_015023). Five heritage strains, including Broad Breasted Bronze (48), Blue Slate (40), Midget White (40), Royal Palm (45), and Spanish Black (48) were included in the analyses of approximately 3300 base pairs of the MC1R gene. Seven SNPs were identified and validated. Among the haplotypes identified, only Royal Palm had unique haplotypes. When combined with previous investigations, we believe that the Royal Palm may be a breed and not a strain. It may therefore be the most viable resource for introgression with a goal of genetic improvement.