THATCamp Documentary


For the CS4624 class, our clients wanted to record and document the atmosphere and events of THATCamp VA 2015 that was held at Virginia Tech. We gathered extra footage of the camp events as well as interviews of camp attendees about their views of camp, and digital humanities in general.

CS4264Spring2015 Multimedia MPG4 - Brief overview of the benefits of MPEG4, its standards, origins, and uses, in PDF and .pptx form. CS4624Spring2015THATCampPresentation - Closing presentation of our project and its accomplishments, in PDF and .pptx form. Includes details about clients, key aspects, lessons learned, and acknowledgements. THATCamp video link.pdf - THATCamp video. This video utilizes footage from THATCamp and interviews from attendees to get an overall feel for what THATCamp is and how it functions. Humanities and Technology video link.pdf - Humanities and Technology video. This video answers the question of what the Humanities are and how technology is influencing them. THATCamp Documentary project - Final breakdown and overview of the entire process of the project, in PDF and .docx form. Reporting starts before the project began and the various sections were updated as the project went along.
THATCamp, THATCampVA, Unconference, Documentary, Digital Humanities, Humanities