Factors influencing relocation to a retirement community

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Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

This study was designed to identify factors influencing relocation to retirement communities. Participants were residents of two New Jersey retirement communities which offered single family detached dwelling units with common grounds, community recreational facilities, and security guards. Residents paid monthly maintenance fees to cover operation of the common areas.

Total sample size was residents of 160 dwelling units. Specifically, respondents were from 40 units, or a 40 percent sample, in an Ocean County community and from 120 units, or a 10 percent sample, in a Burlington County community.

The researcher developed a test instrument designed to ascertain reasons for relocation. Data were collected October 11-17, 1976, by the researcher who contacted the subjects at their homes.

First, it was found that no significant differences existed between the samples and that only three items relating to influences upon mobility were significantly different between communities. These items were the large size of one's last dwelling unit, high property taxes on the last dwelling unit, and the value of one's new dwelling unit for the money. Second, no one factor precipitated relocation; rather, it was a combination of factors within the old and new near environments. Last, dwelling unit and neighborhood factors for the old and new near environments were influences, but community factors were only an influence as they relate to the new near environment.