Processing and Properties of Amorphous NiW Reinforced Crystalline Ni Matrix Composites

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Virginia Tech

Metal Matrix Composites (MMCs) are used as structural materials because of their ability to have a combination of high strength and good ductility. A common problem with MMCs utiliz-ing vastly different materials is the difficulty in forming a strong matrix/reinforcement interface without suffering extensive dissolution, debonding, or chemical reactions between the compo-nents. In this work, a nickel base amorphous particulate reinforced crystalline nickel matrix composite is processed. The reinforcement, an equimolar NiW amorphous powder, was synthe-sized using the mechanical alloying process. The amorphous and crystalline nickel powders were blended in varying volume fractions and then consolidated using hot-isostatic pressing (HIP). This work reveals that the amorphous NiW reinforcement provides strength and hardness to the ductile Ni matrix while simultaneously maintaining a strong interfacial bond due to the similar chemistry of the two components. The strengthening achieved in the composite is attrib-uted to the particulate/matrix boundary strengthening.

Particulate Reinforcement, Amorphous, Mechanical Alloying, Metal Matrix Composites