A Camp in the Desert

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Virginia Tech

A house is pulled apart into its separate rooms and joined in the out-of-doors. This collection of rooms is recognized as a camp. This move is in agreement with the site of the house, which is the foothills of the Rincon Mountains, twenty miles east of Tucson, Arizona, and bordering along Saguaro National Monument. The collection of structures that make up the buildings of the camp are joined by a path that encircles the camp, and also describes the active life of the camp.

The design of the camp is informed by studies in geometry and proportion in a few modern houses, information gathered from the site--particularly as it relates to climate and geography, and studies of the form of architectural elements. Simultaneously, the design of the camp is informed by ideas that evolved in form through the course of the design, namely, a pulling apart of space and material, sitting lightly on the ground, and bringing light into a room between the roof and wall.

desert, Architecture, camp