Blade pressure distributions during surge of a low-speed axial-flow compressor

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Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

An investigation of rotor blade pressure distributions at three-span positions during surge of a low-speed axial-flow compressor was conducted for a single throttle position. The operating path of the compressor system was experimentally determined and the blade pressure distributions were correlated to their point of occurrence during the surge cycle.

A comparison of these pressure distributions with the blade pressure distributions obtained during steady-state operation of the compressor at the same throttle position is presented. The steady-state compressor characteristic was determined to show the range of operation of which the compressor was capable.

A mathematical model was applied to the experimentally-determined compressor characteristic and the system geometry varied to determine its effect on the stability. The effect of the time response of the compressor, to changes in mass flow rate, on the stability of the system was also investigated.