An architecture of a wall

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Virginia Tech

A wall is a primordial architectural artifact. The power and potential of a wall lies in its ability to transcend the necessities of construction and become a generator of architecture. A wall can be more than a plane in space, it can sculpt light and provide housing for various activities within its tectonic dimension. These additional functions can create an experience of both solidity of a wall as well as the possibility of inhabiting a wall.

The creation of a "place".

A wall also possesses the ability to create a sense of place. This can occur not only through the provision of habitable space, but also through the provision of bearing points for other structural members, illuminable surfaces, or zones of both visual and physical penetration. Within this thesis project, the wall generates a stair, and together, they begin to produce the rest of the architecture. At first there is a wall. Then there is the apartment.

Architecture, wall, thesis, multimedia