An Exploration of Eight Dimensions of Self-Disclosure with Relationship Satisfaction

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Virginia Tech

This research extends previous work on measuring eight dimensions of self-disclosure on intimate relationship satisfaction. 134 individuals answered a questionnaire concerning how they self-disclosed to their partner. I predicted that overall self-disclosure (all eight dimensions combined) would be positively related to degree of relationship satisfaction. Second, overall self-disclosure would be positively related to degree of relationship satisfaction when controlling for gender, length of relationship, and whether the respondent was referring to a current or former partner. Furthermore, I predicted that each dimension of self-disclosure would be positively related to relationship satisfaction. Results indicate that not all of my hypotheses were supported. For example, one's tastes and interests and one's self-feelings were statistically negatively significant with relationship satisfaction. Self-disclosure is an important part of relationship satisfaction, while distinguishing which dimension of self-disclosure had more importance proved to be a more complicated factor.

intimacy, dating