Propulsion system analysis for conceptual design: drag and losses of nozzles and mixed compression inlets

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Virginia Tech

This thesis describes the development and implementation of new computational techniques to predict installation losses for mixed compression inlets and a study of advanced technology nozzles.

The new computational techniques have been created to predict drag and total pressure recovery for both axisymmetric and 2-D mixed compression inlet configurations. These inlets are designed for use in aircraft with sustained supersonic cruise capabilities such as the HSCT. The drag and pressure recovery prediction methods have been added to ACSYNT, an aircraft conceptual design program.

Also included in this thesis is a survey of the performance of advanced technology nozzles. Axisymmetric and nonaxisymmetric geometries are considered, as are non thrust-vectoring nozzles. Only the internal losses of these nozzles are considered, and these losses are characterized by the thrust coefficient. The results of this survey have also been added to ACSYNT to extend the thrust prediction capabilities of the code.