Walls: Exploring the layers of a building

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Virginia Tech

Wall, traditionally an enclosing element in architecture, has been used throughout the ages for functions like privacy, protection, definition of spaces, and also to provide attractive facades.

Visually walls can be more than a mere static element. Over time, attempts have been made by various architects to explore and redefine the role of a wall as an architectural element. The wall can enhance, adorn, aggrandize, beautify, embellish......

My thesis aims at exploring the role of a wall in a building and moving beyond the boundaries of its primary functions. The wall in this project is a multi-layered , transparent, clear and lucid enclosure wrapping the inner solids.

The idea is to have solid and opaque geometrical planes and volumes as inner cores and masking these with an outer envelope of double-glass and steel.

The study delves further into the interaction between the three assemblies.

Walls, Angle reflective glass, Concrete walls, Steel cage, Interaction. Layers