The history of the Railroad of New Jersey Maritime Terminal in Jersey City, New Jersey: commemorating its centennial 1889-1989

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Virginia Tech

It was the purpose of this study to develop an accurate and detailed documented history of the CNJ Maritime Terminal. The study sought to answer specific questions concerning the historical, construction, and architectural significance of this structure to Jersey City, Hudson County and New Jersey.

The history includes the purpose for which the structure was built, why the site was chosen, how the terminus was built, how the structure was utilized, who used the facility, why the site underwent modernization, how the modernization was instituted, who were the architects for this building, why the structure was expanded, and what alterations have been made to this structure since the CNJ Railroad Company filed for bankruptcy in 1967. This history was developed after researching both primary and secondary sources. These sources included CNJ Railroad Annual Reports, CNJ Railroad Company Charters, Peabody & Sterns Original Architectural Drawings, personal journals and correspondences, maps, technical publications, photographs, illustrations, books, magazines, CNJ Engineering Department files, historical society collections, private collections, and direct observation.

The history of the CNJ Maritime Terminal, as developed within this study, comprises the historical documentation needed to secure more state funding so that the restoration for the historical site can be completed. The information can be of great value when used to justify the monies needed to complete this restoration.