Software tools for computer-controlled fatigue testing

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Virginia Tech

Past efforts at implementing Load Spectrum Generation and Neuber Control have centered around minicomputers and analog circuits. The use of a personal computer to implement the tasks is presented. On implementation of the load Spectrum Generation software, the response of the Materials Testing System was investigated for distortion and attenuation. In particular, the effect of the resolution of the waveform on the test system response was noted. There was negligible attenuation for full scale frequencies of up to 20 Hz. Greater waveform resolution was required at lower frequencies than at higher frequencies. On implementation of the Neuber Control program, the accuracy obtained at the Neuber hyperbolas was noted. Better accuracy was obtained at ramp frequencies below 0.1 Hz.

Based on the results obtained after implementing the Load Spectrum Generator program and the Neuber Control program, the performance of the personal computer in controlling fatigue tests is evaluated. Cost effectiveness and versatility favor the use of a personal computer for the control of fatigue tests.