CCM Totem Pole Bridgeless PFC with Ultra Fast IGBT

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Virginia Tech

The totem pole PFC suffers from the Mosfet body diode reverse recovery issue which limits this topology adopted in the CCM high power condition. As the ultra-fast IGBT which is capable of providing 100 kHz switching frequency is available in the market, it is possible to apply the totem pole PFC in CCM high power condition. The thesis provides a method by implementing the ultra-fast IGBT and SiC diode to replace the MOSFET in this topology.

To verify the method, a universal CCM totem pole PFC is designed and tested. The design adopts the ADP1048 programmable digital PFC controller by adding external logic gate for totem-pole PFC. ADP1048 greatly simplifies the design process and satisfies the design requirements. The experiment results verify that the totem-pole PFC can be applied into CCM high power condition by using the method. The DC output voltage is well regulated. The power factor is higher than 0.98 when the load is above 400W. The measured efficiency can achieve up to 96.8% at low line and 98.2% at high line condition with switching frequency 80 kHz.

Totem Pole PFC, ADP1048, Ultra-fast IGBT, CCM