A place in the city to celebrate the cycles of nature

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Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

I live in a place out of balance, surrounded by a society based on youth and a climate-controlled 68 degrees. The cities are one of extreme scales and of a homogenous nature. The Seasons pass by with no clue except for maybe a change in our wardrobes. The social side of our human condition presses itself on us until our individuality is crushed or until we go numb. Alternatively, we can spiral in to our uniqueness while growing more and more delinquent of the responsibility owed to the whole. Corporate Icon Skyscrapers, Oppressive Anonymous Housing Blocks, and MacDonald Kings will continue to exist and are not necessarily evil in and of themselves, but they must be balanced out with portals back to our souls and doorways out of the profane and into the sacred.

Statement of Intent

Our cities, in their present state, can be seen to correspond to the mythical model of chaos: the condition of undifferentiated formless modality. Through an act of will, we can recreate the center and regenerate our ties to the greater whole of which we are part: nature.

The object of this project is to create a microcosm that through the observation and experience of calculated phenomenas, recreates the link between an individual and the macrocosm of nature.

If the world is to be lived in, it must be founded — and no world can come to birth in the chaos of the homogeneity and relativity of profane space"

Mixcea Eliade

The Sacred and The Profane