CAD graphics utilization in the design and marketing phases of textile/apparel product development

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Virginia Tech


The purpose of this research was to identify the expertise of CAD graphics operators/managers in the design and marketing phases of textile/apparel product development. Additionally, the purposes were to determine the effect of CAD graphics on product development in the textile/apparel industry, and to identify future needs and uses of CAD graphics in the industry.

A questionnaire was sent to 117 CAD graphics operators/managers. The results from the questionnaire were obtained through frequency and percentage distributions.

The major findings of this study concluded that textile design and/or colorations and coloration of sketches were the major uses for CAD graphics systems. The shortening of response time of development of idea in design cycle was the major benefit of using a CAD graphics system. Future needs and wants were found to be mainly in the areas of better color control, matching and selection, better resolution in printing, and faster, larger printout capabilities.