Mommy's Tired

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Virginia Tech

Mommy's Tired is a novel that follows edgy and irritable Odette, a thirty-something and living in upstate New York. After five years of marriage, and despite his initial refusals, she convinces her husband Jeremy to get a vasectomy. Consumed by questions of what she really wants, Odette decides soon after to get artificially inseminated, because though she doesn't want a child with Jeremy, she wants something to call her own. As tensions rise between Odette and Jeremy, Odette tries to rekindle her relationship with ex Margaret. When Jeremy starts disappearing for weeks on end, Odette begins questioning his intentions towards her God-loving sister Blair and Blair's unnamed children (the Girl and the Boy). Her relationships fracturing around her, Odette focuses on the world she will create with Agnes, her unborn child. Although Odette's rich interior world reveals disturbing glimpses of narcissistic tendencies, double standards, and violent desires, things are not so straightforward when mommy's tired.

mommy, vasectomy, body, children