The In-between: Architectural Mediation Between Commerce and Residence

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Virginia Tech

Architecture develops from both the art and science of construction. Therefore, structure influences the pursuit of architectural ideas. Devoid of ornamentation, common objects can be enhanced through improving function and articulating their structure. Quality of construction and material durability have an immediate impact on how a thing is perceived. A thing is built once, but observed, studied, and used for its entire existence. It is important to investigate today's building necessities, such as a door, a path, or a wall, to discover inherent opportunities in order to transcend these everyday things and create extraordinary architectural moments. Separating a thing from its general context draws attention to it or to some aspect of it being enhanced. Otherwise, an ordinary thing such as a door can be quite uneventful. But, a door encased in a vertical plane of wood offset from the remaining enclosure draws attention to the quality, texture, and color of the wood.

In this thesis, the design of a multi-use, commercial and residential building, bridges between corresponding zoning districts. The project is used as a vehicle to explore the complexities and nuances involved in developing extraordinary architectural form using initially common conditions, local zoning laws, and standard construction techniques.

apartments, natural light, parking