Factors related to the selection of apparel worn by horse show exhibitors

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Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

The purpose of this exploratory study was to investigate the factors associated with the selection of riding attire worn by horse show exhibitors. The second purpose was to compare this data to similar data obtained from professional judges. Two instruments were developed to provide data to meet objectives and hypotheses. Data was collected from 127 horse show exhibitors from the mailing list of the Appalachian Horse Show Association, and also from 24 judges of the American Horse Show Association.

Statistical analysis included condescriptive information, one way analysis of variance, frequency distribution, Chi-square, t-tests, and z-tests to investigate relationships between variables for significance. The most important appearance factor in selection of riding apparel on the part of both exhibitors and professionals was that apparel be appropriate for the class entered. Exhibitors felt that apparel plays more than average importance in a judge's evaluation. Professionals placed average importance on apparel in their evaluation.

Professionals were most frequently consulted by exhibitors about colors and styles to select. Professionals indicated they most frequently gave advice on rules governing dress, then on styles and colors to select.

The most difficult problem for exhibitors in locating desired apparel items was the distance to an appropriate store. There was a significant difference between horse's breed and the desire for the color of the habit to be compatible with the exhibitors' horse.

There was no significant difference for the following variables: amount of competition by breed, appearance factors with source of income or education, amount of competition with source of income or education. Professionals' and exhibitors' opinions governing riding apparel did show some significant relationships.: