Development of an interactive simulation game for ISE-5204 Manufacturing Systems Engineering

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Virginia Tech

The purpose of this research was to take the first steps in the creation of a simulation game, tailored for the needs of ISE-5204 Manufacturing Systems Engineering, that will provide students with the opportunity of applying their knowledge in realistic situations. The needs of ISE-5204 were established based on the course material and on interviews with appropriate faculty members. A game review showed that there is not a game available which combines all of the characteristics desirable to fit these needs. Therefore the a new simulation game is needed for use in the course.

This research developed a simulation game framework, unique in driving a strategic business type game by low level production decisions. The framework consists of three components: conceptual, organizational and structural framework. The conceptual framework is based on a competitive game with a multiproduct environment, with operational decisions being the driving force. The organizational framework specifies that periodic decision are made by competing student companies and input into the game for production simulation and generation of status reports. The structural framework specifies that a discrete, next event simulation model of shop floor operation is used to model the production system and create output reports.

A prototype model demonstrated the feasibility of running a high level strategic game by low level production modeling. Three competing companies were simulated for three production periods. Each company made decisions that were representative of a different strategy. Simulation outputs were indicative of the behavior characterized by the company decisions and inputs.