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Virginia Tech

For any artist, imagination is a powerful and necessary instrument for everyday creation. It is like a magical engine that drives the artist forward. But what is imagination? How do we keep this engine running nonstop?

According to the Italian philosopher Giovan Battista Vico, imagination is nothing but extended or compounded memory, imagination is nothing but the springing up of reminiscences, and ingenuity or invention is nothing but the working over of what is remembered.So we can easily understand that people create or invent things out of what they have seen, what they have experienced, and what they have engaged with their own bodies.

In my thesis, I'm not competing with the artists in imagination or creation, but I'm trying to offer them this architectural environment that would be transfigured into memory through senses. The artists living and working in this tower building are encouraged to move vertically through stairways and vertically aligned public spaces. By engaging the body and senses in this vertical movement, the artists would find their way out of the urban canyon to the sky of imagination. They would also be able to live lightly above the bustling world of reality.

art center, high-rise, vertical movement, stairway, sky, air garden