Adaptive Beamforming using ICA for Target Identification in Noisy Environments

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Virginia Tech

The blind source separation problem has received a great deal of attention in previous years. The aim of this problem is to estimate a set of original source signals from a set of linearly mixed signals through any number of signal processing techniques. While many methods exist that attempt to solve the blind source separation problem, a new technique is being used that uniquely separates audio sources as they are received from a microphone array. In this thesis a new algorithm is proposed that that utilizes the ICA algorithm in conjunction with a filtering technique that separates source signals and then removes sources of interference so that a signal of interest can be accurately tracked. Experimental results will compare a common blind source separation technique to the new algorithm and show that the new algorithm can detect a signal of interest and accurately track it as it moves through an anechoic environment.

Wiener Filter, ICA, MVDR, Microphone Array, Adaptive Beamforming