A solid modeling program for designers

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Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University


The personal computer is rapidly finding its way into the architectural working environment, at this time however it is used mostly as a drafting tool. This thesis is an investigation into programming that would allow the computer to become a design tool.

The issues that are dealt with in this thesis include an easy to use user interface that will not inhibit the design process, and develop a system that will allow design changes and additions to a model in a three dimensional sketch like ability.

Three dimensional models of paper, clay, wood and other materials have been used to create designs, and aid the designer in making decisions. This type of medium is difficult to make changes, and because of the scale of such materials it becomes difficult to work on interior spaces, thus more attention is usually placed on the exterior design. With the use of the computer these limitations may be eliminated, and the designer may create a design from any perspective or view point.