Verification and Validation Study of OpenFOAM on the Generic Prismatic Planing Hull Form

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Virginia Tech

In this research, hydrodynamic analysis, verification and validation will be performed on Generic Prismatic Planing Hull (GPPH) using OpenFOAM v1806 solver interFoam. The numerical simulation will be compared with the experimental result, which is a new set of high-quality experimental tests performed on a large model of a high deadrise prismatic planing hull with flat of chine, tested from pre-planing to fully planing regimes.

Firstly, the mesh convergence study and Verification and Validation (V&V) study are performed on the basis of fixed attitude simulations. Three grids are chosen and used to perform the free attitude simulations at the highest speed. Then, mesh convergence study is conducted for the results of highest speed free body simulations, which helps us to choose two grids for other speeds simulations. By performing free attitude simulations using two grids, resistance, heave, trim angle, wetted chine length, and wetted keel length are calculated and compared at seven different tested speeds. Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) results analysis regards pressure distribution on the bottom of the hull and in particular areas of interest (flat of chine, spray area, etc.), friction coefficient and volume fraction of fluid in areas where the free surface undergoes violent deformations (overturning wave at the chine and in the wake, spray jet development area). Different algorithms for dynamic mesh simulation and their effect on the quality of CFD predictions are also investigated.

Planing Hull, GPPH, OpenFOAM, URANS