A laboratory study of solidification/stabilization technology for contaminated dredged material

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Virginia Tech

Safe disposal of contaminated dredged material has become a significant issue especially as public environmental awareness and concerns increase. Solidification/ stabilization technology potentially may provide for a safer, more effective and more economical means of disposal.

This research investigated the technical feasibility of applying solidification/stabilization technology to contaminated sediment from Indiana Harbor Canal, Indiana. Specifically, physical strength and reduction of chemical leachability resulting from solidification/stabilization A with various cement based, pozzolanic, and proprietary additives were analyzed. Also investigated was the immobilization capability of a proprietary polymer for selected organic contaminants when used in conjunction with solidification/stabilization processes.

Physical strength is an important parameter in determining the ultimate bearing capacity, stability of embankments and pressure against retaining walls. Physical stabilization of contaminated dredged material is a viable treatment option. Application of cement-based and pozzolanic—based processes uses the sediment moisture to form hydration products, therefore dewaterimg is not required. All process formulations produced a solidified sediment.