Applications of PMUSimulator in PDC Testing

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Virginia Tech

With the development of the power grid into an automated system, phasor measurement units and phasor data concentrators are essential for real time control of the system. PMUs are time synchronized throughout the power system and take sample measurements in very small windows of time. Phasor Data Concentrators accept PMU data and time align the data so that a snapshot of the power system can be viewed in real time. It is unfeasible to possess enough real PMUs to thoroughly test PDCs, thus a Real Time PMU Simulator is desired.

It is possible to implement a UNIX based PMU simulator that can emulate the behavior of real PMUs, while also allowing the user to alter the Synchrophasor data to test the response of a PDC. GPS is used to synchronize a UNIX machine to UTC time to match that of a real PMU. In this way, the PMU simulator will accurately behave as a PMU. This PMU data can be sent to PDCs to test the response of the device. To test extremes of the PDC, alterations were made to the PMU software to send irregular data to a PDC. The results conclude that the open source iPDC software is capable of being used for latency testing, sending late data frames, as well as sending corrupted data. The PMU simulator proved to be successful in the area of PDC testing. The purpose of this thesis is to demonstrate how the iPDC software can be implemented to test PDC's.

Simulator, Phasor Data Concentrator, Phasor Measurement Unit