An Evaluation of the "How to Study" Instruction Given to Freshment AFROTC Cadets at Virginia Polytechnic Institute, Blacksburg, Virginia

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Virginia Tech

A study was made in an effort to seek an evaluation of the "How to Study" instruction given to Freshmen Air Force ROTC Cadets at VPI, and also to determine the degree to which Corps life aided or hindered these Cadets in their academic pursuits in both their freshman and sophomore years.

Utilizing two techniques, continuous observation and a questionnaire, a representative survey of fifty Air Force Basic Course Cadets was undertaken. They were asked to complete the questionnaire in a completely objective manner. As agreed, they will remain anonymous. Twenty-five were freshmen and were labeled as Group A. Twenty-five were sophomores and labeled Group B. All fifty responded in a voluntary and cooperative manner. Both positive and negative opinions were received.

Education, Military education