The effect of two reheating methods and storage on the development of warmed-over flavor in precooked chicken parts

dc.contributor.authorGiuffrida, Michelle L.en
dc.contributor.departmentHuman Nutrition and Foodsen
dc.description.abstractThis study was conducted to determine the effect of heating methods (conventional and microwave), heating temperatures, and refrigerated storage on the flavor deterioration in precooked chicken parts. Chicken breasts and legs were evaluated by chemical analyses and sensory evaluation. Data was analyzed by Fisher's least significant difference (LSD) and Duncan's test. Results of the thiobarbituric acid test (TBA) indicated that heating temperature, regardless of heating method had a significant influence on oxidative deterioration. When the legs were heated for a longer time at a lower temperature, the TBA values significantly increased indicating heightened warmed-over flavor (WOF). Two-day refrigerated storage had no measurable influence on the TBA numbers. The legs generally had a higher degree of lipid oxidation reflected by higher TBA values. Heating method and 2-day refrigerated storage did not have a significant effect on the nonheme iron content of breasts or legs. The effects of heating temperature were inconsistent for the legs and breasts which was attributed to the different initial iron content of the legs, and the release of nonheme iron during the initial processing of the legs. The nonheme iron values of the legs were greater relative to the breasts. Heating and storage in general increased the area of peak 3 in legs, but had no effect on the breasts. A significant increase in the hexanal (peak 8) content of legs occurred upon 2-day storage, but not for breasts. Peak 7 significantly decreased when the breasts were heated, stored, and reheated. This was not the case for the legs. Sensory panelists could not differentiate between heating methods or temperatures for either part.en
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dc.titleThe effect of two reheating methods and storage on the development of warmed-over flavor in precooked chicken partsen
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