Monotonic and Cyclic Performance of Light-Frame Shear Walls with Various Sheathing Materials

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Virginia Tech

The racking performance of light-frame shear walls subjected to monotonic and cyclic loading is the focus of this thesis. The sheathing materials investigated are oriented strandboard (OSB), hardboard, fiberboard, and gypsum wallboard. The objectives of this study were to (1) obtain and compare performance characteristics of each sheathing material; (2) compare the effects of monotonic loading versus the cyclic loading response; (3) investigate the contribution of gypsum in walls with dissimilar sheathing materials on opposite sides of the wall; and (4) study the effects of using overturning anchors. The monotonic tests, which incorporated the use of hold-downs, were performed according to ASTM E564. Half of the cyclic tests were performed with hold-downs, and half were performed without hold-downs. The cyclic tests were performed according to the recently adopted cyclic testing procedure ASTM E2126.

A total of forty-five walls were tested with various configurations. The size of the walls was 1.2 x 2.4m (4 x 8ft). Two tests were performed with each sheathing material subjected to each type of loading: monotonic, cyclic with hold-downs, and cyclic without hold-downs. Two tests were then performed with OSB, hardboard, or fiberboard on one side of the wall and gypsum on the other side of the wall to study the effects of using dissimilar sheathing materials on the shear walls. The OSB and hardboard exhibited similar performance, and were the strongest of the four sheathing materials. Fiberboard performed better than gypsum, but worse than OSB and hardboard. In general, the performance indicators decreased when the walls were subjected to cyclic loading. The contribution of gypsum to walls with hold-downs was significant, but was not linearly additive. The use of hold-downs had a large effect on the performance of the walls. All shear wall performance indicators decreased when hold-downs were not included, with an average reduction of 66% in the peak load.

fiberboard, gypsum, overturning anchors, hardboard, monotonic and cyclic loading